Architect Russell

Architect Russell (Russell M. Henderson) is a RIBA Chartered Architect in Tanzania who has received various awards for his design projects and his videos on social media.

After joining the Architects Registration Board and becoming a Chartered Member of the RIBA in 2008, that year, Russell left the UK and has never been back since. Working on 4 continents and working abroad ever since, Russell has gained a huge following on social media documenting his knowledge and experience to the world.

Architect Russell Studio Ltd. is a registered UK company No. 14952830


What Russell Is Doing Now


1. Working for a Construction Company in Tanzania, East Africa

2. On his TikTok  and Instagram account, Russell creates videos every day to educate, inspire and share knowledge of ‘architecting’ in Tanzania.

3. Russell write articles every week or so on the Blog or on LinkedIn

4. On Architect Russell YouTube channel Russell makes longer-form content including other educational content about architecture and travel. Checkout my most popular videos.

5. Russell has a podcast called Architect Russell Uncensored where he discusses more candid topics not available in his videos.

6. Taking on a project for charity, Russell is working on a Green Sustainable School in Tanzania, made of mud which has been funded by The Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation

7. Current new projects include: Hotel in Zanzibar, University Building in Zambia, High end Diplomatic Apartments in Tanzania, High-End Commercial building in Zambia, and High Rise High-end commercial tower in Dar es Salaam.


Other stuff


1. Russell studied at The University of Huddersfield in UK, which is in North England.

2. At University, Russell took international pathways and spent time studying and designing in Europe, Middle East and USA.

3. Russell has worked in UK, Thailand, Australia and Tanzania, East Africa, where he is currently based.

4. Russell’s projects have won awards from International Property Awards and he has designed the first LEED Green-rated buildings in Tanzania and Zambia.

5. Gained over half a million followers across social media, Russell has also won awards for his social media.

Get In Touch

1. You can just google ‘Architect Russell’ to find him anywhere.

2. Twitter. If you’ve got a short question or message, please tweet @architect_russ and Russell will get back to you as soon as I can.

3. Instagram – If its something more private you can DM Russell. Or less private, you can comment on a post, the chances are that he will reply a lot quicker.

4. If its a longer or more private message please email me russell@architectrussell and Russell will get back to you, but it might not be the same day.

My continuous goal is to be an exceptional well rounded architect. I believe a great architect has multifaceted experience and skills to fully understand and excel at each design stage.

- Russell M. Henderson RIBA
Architect Russell