Air Tanzania Economy Class Review Lusaka to Dar Es Salaam Airport

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I’m so excited about the new flights to Mumbai, China and Thailand, by the end of the year. So, Im gonna do a  Air Tanzania Economy Class from to Lusaka, Zambia to Dar Es Salaam.

So Air Tanzania has 3 types of Planes .

1.  Bombardier dash 8-Q400

This is that small funky plane with the propellers

Which has 6 business class and 70 economy .

Theres 3 of these planes.

Air Tanzania Bombardier dash 8-Q400

Air Tanzania Bombardier dash 8-Q400

2. Airbus 220-300

This plane has 12 business class and 120 economy

I think theres 1 or 2 of these.

3.  Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner

And then there’s the new one, which has 22 business class and 240 economy

I think they only have 1 of these

Air Tanzania Airbus 220-300

Air Tanzania Airbus 220-300


Air Tanzania Economy Class from Lusaka Zambia to Dar Es Salaam Tanzania. The review is judged on 6 categories:




4.Food & drink,

5.Cleanliness and service


1. Check-in

So check-in: it was very good actually

When I got to the counter it was only about 2.5 mins to check my bag in and everything

The guy was very softly spoken. I could only just understand what he was saying

But overall this is the quickest Ive ever check in at an airport so overall. I’m giving this a 5 out of 5



Entering Air Tanzania

Entering Air Tanzania

2. Delays

So my flight was scheduled to leave at 2:25 and arrive at Dar Es Salaam at 5:45

Its a 2hr 20min flight with a 1 hr time difference

So its 2:34. Flight is supposed leave at 2:25. We are not even on the plane yet.

I dont know why but in Lusaka they give you a boarding pass when you check in

Then you hand that in and they give you this other card here.

So, its now 2:42 and just getting on the plane now

I’m flying on Airbus 220 which is the 2nd largest aircraft out of the 3.

So, usually when I fly, I fly business class,

Air Tanzania Business Class

Air Tanzania Business Class

But today I fly economy especially for you.

Flight was only 50 minutes late.

I was actually grateful it was 50 min late because I was having the time of my life so

Score: 5/5


3. Comfort

On arrival and departure the Jurassic Park theme playing which was a nice touch.

Seat numbers weren’t allocated, you just choose what seat you want which was good.

No seats for everyone, you just pick yourself.


Air Tanzania Economy Class

Air Tanzania Economy Class

Its only a 2 hour flight so no TV or entertainment system

Which is good because I dont have to see bright screens and TVs everywhere.

Leg room was good. Ive seen a lot worse than this in economy.

Plenty or room to fit all my heavy gear in.

Really l looking forward to my food.

Tanzania has the best food in the world.

Meal was samosa, meatball and fishfinger.

Which was very very nice.

Score: 5/5


3. Food & drink,

They had a lot of meat and fish inside them I did enjoy.

What was strange was that when we landed they announced an apology for the cold food

because the oven was broken.

I didn’t even notice.

Local Tanzanian wine.


I was speechless

The wine was delicious – the best wine I’ve had in my life

And the beers were all African which suited me just fine

Score: 5/5

Air Tanzania in flight food

Air Tanzania in flight food


4. Cleanliness and service

As you can see here the seats are very clean

In the toilet, you sink

Somewhere to clean your hands

There’s tissue.

Amazing view.


Tissue paper.

What else can you ask for?

Its perfect.

The cleanest plane I’ve ever seen.

Score: 5/5

Air Tanzania Toilet Facilities are clean

Air Tanzania Toilet Facilities are clean


5. Cleanliness and service

Service was excellent. I had no trouble communicated with staff

They all spoke very good English and were very accommodating.

I’m simply gonna give that a 5 out of 5 for that


Score: 5/5


Final Score

So, in conclusion I would give this  For Air Tanzania. 50/50

Final good score for Air Tanzania

Final good score for Air Tanzania



📐Russell M. Henderson is a practicing RIBA Chartered Architect based in Tanzania, East Africa.

🎥Russell (Architect Russell) also makes videos on YouTube , TikTok & Instagram sharing thoughtful, honest and pragmatic knowledge while working and living abroad.

The photography is by Russell M. Henderson and Unsplash


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