Are they really an ‘Architect’?

Believe it or not, it is illegal for someone to call themselves an ‘architect’ if they are not registered on an Architects Registration Board of that country. If someone claims to be an architect, you can ask them “Where are you registered?”

bolo yeung is not an architect

Each country usually has a professional registration board. Like doctors and lawyers, architects are professionals that go through lengthy and rigorous education, training, experience and interviews to qualify and register.

Professional requirements and quality can vary from country to country. An ‘architect’ must have a registration number on a registration board, which usually can be found on a website such as ARB (Architects Registration Board) in UK. Where is your architect registered? It will reflect on where they were likely educated and registered to practice architecture.

So what about IT architects or Landscape architects etc? Well that’s fine because its obvious they are not an architect relating to a building. It’s the title ‘architect’ on its own that is protected by law in the UK and many other countries around the world.

Client Protection

Registration boards like ARB, lay down standards of professional conduct and practice expected of registered architects. These can ensure profession qualities such as honesty, integrity and appropriate insurance arrangements are protecting clients and the profession.

Who are RIBA?

RIBA are a professional body of architects who promote and advance architecture in the UK and internationally. Registered architects in the UK can apply to join this register to become a ‘Chartered Architect’, which allows members to use the the letters RIBA after their name and use the RIBA the crest logo. RIBA also have their own codes of professional conduct.