Sketch of a conceptual design of a building with site analysis

How to Design Buildings?

Designing a building can very complicated and long Process. But it does not have to be. This article will teach you a process you can go thru to make designing a building more structured and simple, not just for the designers but for everyone working...

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Very Large Architect Practice

Architect Work Experience in UK

Getting the right  architect work experience to become a registered architect can be difficult and there are a lot of challenges on the way. In this article you will learn from Russell's experience as he talks about working as an architect in the UK, leading...

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Sydney. Architect Experience in Australia

Architect Experience in Australia

This article is going to be about working as an architect experience in Australia. I'm going to talk about subjects like First impressions Arriving in Australia Finding a job in Australia, Work life and salary Visas Getting registered as an architect. Lessons learnt and advice First...

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who is architect russell

Who is Architect Russell?

Four different continents 🌎 A burning passion 🔥 And viral content 📷 Who really is Architect Russell? Russell Henderson is a British Chartered Architect who moved to Dar Es Salaam 10 years ago and never left. But this story is rather different. Russell is a content creator...

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Paje Beach Zanzibar

Paje Beach. One of the best places to stay in Zanzibar. In this article, I'll be trying to make it all the way round to Jambo Disco at Paje Beach Zanzibar. -Hotel and Price -The legendary Paje Village. And is there really no ATM available there? -Then trying...

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National Park In Tanzania African Safari

National Park In Tanzania African Safari In this article National Park in Tanzania African Safari you will find out: -Is going to a National Park in Tanzania African Safari  really a one-in-a-lifetime experience? -How much is an African safari at a National Park in Tanzania ? -How many different...

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What is BIM? (Quick, simply explained)

What Is BIM In Architecture?(Quick, simply explained) Architects don’t really use CAD any more in architecture, unless you are a Dinosaur. So what is BIM? Instead they use Building Information Modelling (BIM).  So what is BIM? Well its (kind of) a type of software used to model...

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Top 25 Best Tik Toks 2020

Top 25 Best Tik Toks Viral Vertical Vids from Architect Russell Here are Architect Russell most popular short videos 2020 on TikTok. Top 25 Best Tik Toks in no particular order really. All videos is in high definition so better quality than on Tik Tok. I would...

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Thailand’s Most Incredible Temple

Thailand's Most Incredible Temple - Pattaya Thailand Sanctuary Of Truth This is the Sanctuary of Truth Pattaya. It was used in the series Money Heist Thailand Scene. It is Thailand's Most Incredible Temple. The 105m tall building is locally carved from timber. Find out who envisioned this...

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The Hilton Hotel DoubleTree Nungwi Zanzibar Review

The Hilton Hotel DoubleTree Nungwi Zanzibar Island - Full Review Review of The Hilton Hotel by DoubleTree in Nungwi Zanzibar Island. Zanzibar, Tanzania is one of the most beatiful Islands in Africa. [caption id="attachment_1159" align="alignnone" width="1060"] Hilton Hotel by Double Tree, from above at Nungwi Beach[/caption] So I...

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