Coco Beach,Slip Way, Seacliff & Coral | Dar Es Salaam

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Slip Way, Seacliff, Coral & Coco Beach | Dar Es Salaam Vlog

This video gives you some ideas what you can do on Sunday in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.  4 places in 1 day: Slipway, Seacliff Hotel, Coral Beach and Coco Beach, Dar Es Salaam.  Never short of things to do anywhere. You just need to look.

Slipway is a touristy area in Dar Es Salaam with many facilities such as Hotels, bars, restaurants and places to book a boat tour.

Seacliff Hotel is a hot sport with a great cafe with ocean views which is popular with all kinds of people.

Coco Beach is very popular with locals on sunday afternoons. The fish is great and a must see if you want a more local experience in Dar Es Salaam.

Coral Beach is a Best Western Hotel with some of the best sunset views in Dar Es Salaam. Sunset is difficult to get due to the coastline facing east and north mostly in Dar Es Salaam. The angle on the peninsular at Coral Beach give good sunset views towards the sea.

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