Google’s Most Asked Architect Questions

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I’m going to answer Google’s Most Asked Architect Questions. I will just type in Google and see what comes up. I’m first going to the architect, then do architects, blah, blah, blah, then can architects. Then how do architects? And then finally, what do architects? Don’t miss that. Over 40 questions answered for  most asked architect questions. In total on Google’s Most Asked Architect Questions.

“Are architects…?”

“Do architects..?

“Can architects…?”

“How do architects…”?

Then finally don’t miss:

“What do architects…?”

Google’s Most Asked Architect Questions? Right, let’s get going.

Are Architects engineer?

No, they’re not engineers. But you could say they do kind of some engineering. They don’t use much maths though.Architects are more design orientated.I think the best way to describe it is that engineers are more concerned with physical things, whereas architects are more concerned with human relationship
with physical things.

Are architects in demand?

Well, that depends what country you’re in.Could be not in demand.Or here it could be more in demand.It depends what the market is.Building changes different times of the year depending on the market.What the real estate is like.All those kind of things.So it depends.

Are architects rich?

The money always comes up.Like any other profession, really. Some might make it rich.If you work hard and you’re successful and lucky or you’re famous.You could be just a normal professional, just making their way earning decent money. Or you could be a failure and not much money at all. But generally architects, they’re pretty well-off. I wouldn’t say they are rich,
but it’s a pretty good profession. You get money, you’re not poor, basically.

Are architects happy?

This is a very strange question because things are not so black and white like that. I mean, is an actor happy? Is a lawyer happy? Is an engineer happy? It depends on your personality, but there are some things that could make you unhappy. Like the amount to study.

Seven years, at least, to be an architect. And then at the end of that, you’re… it’s not like, oh, you’re qualified then suddenly a big salary. Now you start to work your way up. But then there’s designing a building in real life. It’s very different to what you think.

Architects go through years or even in their life without designing much at all. I was only in my mid-thirties. I can actually say I designed a building, so it’s quite late. Sometimes there’s not much satisfaction there, but if you keep working then you get there. In the end you should, and then you become more happy. So it takes a while, but at least you have like a career goal with the right path of what you’re doing. So in that regard it can make you happy and fulfilled at the end of it.

Are architects happY? Google's Most Asked Architect Questions

Are Architects artists?

They are artists, not completely, but they are artists and they’re technical as well. So it’s a bit of both really.


Are architects paid well?

It’s decent.You’re not poor, as I said before on Google’s most asked architect questions.

Do architects make good money?

So the money thing again. It’s because you study so long, everyone thinks you should be rich. It takes a lot of qualifications and everything. This is really annoying about the career.I think if they changed the amount of time of study, just normal three years, you wouldn’t get all these people demanding more money. So the money’s okay.

Do architects use maths?

This is another common question on  Most Asked Architect Questions. Architects do use maths but not complicated maths, just basic maths. This is a common question. Do you need to know maths? No, not really at all.But the trouble is, the catch is, that when you get to university, you do these engineering modules, you have to know a little bit of maths. But I know people at uni and stuff who were really crap at maths and they still got through it. So if maths is an obstacle for you, don’t worry about it. Don’t let it stop it stop you from being an architect.

Do architects build houses?

They don’t actually build, but they design houses.The builder builds the house. Or if you are an architect you might decide you want to build it yourself. You can build it.


Do architects need to be good at maths?

No. You don’t. Do architects design houses? Yes they do design houses, amongst everything. People just think architects design houses. Rarely do you design houses. You design loads of different types of buildings.

Do architects travel?

It’s very difficult to get a job as an architect abroad because you have the licences in different countries. So since you leave a country, you’re not an architect in that country. Sometimes they recognise your licence. If you go to another country they go, Oh yeah, he’s got a licence in the UK or something like that. But you still won’t be an architect in that country. Generally youdon’t travel much to other countries, but you still travel around to site, different construction sites wherever you are.

Do architects design bridges?

They do, but they’ll need a lot of engineering input for bridges. Calatrava ,he’s a famous architect, but he’s not an architect. He’s an engineer. He does a lot of bridges. Norman Foster done some beautiful bridges. But you’ll need engineering input.

Do architects need a license?

Yes, you do need a licence. Some countries, they won’t let you design
buildings unless you’re licenced. But in the UK that’s not the case. You only need a licence to call yourself an architect. That’s what it’s like in the UK anyway. You can still design buildings. The licence is just to call yourself that word “Architect”. That’s it.

Can architects work for Google?

There are some famous architects who design buildings for Google. I think Bjarke Ingels is doing Google HQ. Thomas Heatherwick has done something for Google. You could do it that way. Design a building for Google. But I don’t / can’t imagine architect working for Google unless you’re good at computers
or something. Unusualy question on google for one of the most asked architect questions.

Can architects work from home?

They can, but personally, I don’t think they should work from home because you have to be in the office and
work with people, get advice from people, coordinate the project with people, get ideas from the client and people. Because of COVID and everything
and working from home thing. That’s made it a lot easier. But I still believe you should be around people when you’re designing. They should be in the studio or office. You’ll have to have loads of meetings all the time on Zoom. What a waste of time. But you can work from home.

Can architects be rich?

Possibly, if you’re really successful.

Can architects do interior design?

This is a bit controversial, but I do a bit interior design,but I don’t specialise in it. Like, for instance, if there’s a hotel, there’s a lot of fancy interior in a hotel. So you’ll definitely need an interior designer. Architects, when they design stuff, they are usually functional, they won’t put something there unless it’s required. that’s why you see simple interiors for architect buildings. There’s a lot of stuff in interiors, that are fancy stuff that’s not really required. Like fancy lights and fancy patterns. You need an interior designer to specialise in that a bit more. They’ve done it more and they’re more into that stuff. It might be licensed in some countries, but in the UK anyone can be an interior designer. You don’t need a licence, you don’t need a qualification. It’s not like architect. You need a licence. That’s a bit controversial, as I say. I mean, I could call myself an interior designer if I wanted to. Nothing stopping me from doing that in a lot of countries.

Can architects have tattoos?

So why not?I think the concern is when you have job interviews that might see you and stuff like that and that might put you off. But nowadays I don’t think that’s a problem.

Can architects make millions?

You can. From a salary, you probably can’t make millions. You probably can’t make millions or you maybe can if you work years and years. I think I read somewhere the other day..
An architect in their entire lifetime earns around $5 million or something. $6 million? That’s quite depressing, but it’s not that bad if you think about it. But you can more likely to make millions
if you have your own company. One of the most asked architect questions.

Can architects build houses?

They’re certainly capable to build a house, but they won’t have as much expertise, as an experience builder? I wouldn’t know how to pour concrete or the ingredients involved in concrete, as much detail as a builder would. Also a builders needs certain building licences. Usually an architect won’t have that as well.

architect house

Can architects advertise?

Yeah, of course they can advertise. There’s nothing in the professional codes
of conduct in the UK telling you, you can’t advertise. But there is telling you
that you must advertise truthfully. Some countries I heard you’re not allowed
to advertise if you’re an architect. That’s just crazy.


How do architects get paid?

If you work for a company like me, you get salary or if you got your own company, private work or something.

There’s three ways.

1. You can charge by timely costs, like per hour or something.

2. A lump sum, like finish the work. You charge $1,000,000 or something.

3. Percentage of the construction cost. Which is usually around 10% the average architect charges.

How do architects use trigonometry?

On my god, I don’t really use trigonometry. Really? What is trigonometry? It’s like right angled triangles. Depends if you are drawing triangles. But I don’t… I’ve never used trigonometry,
being an architect.

How do architects dress?

Usually in an office it’s just trousers and shirt. But architects don’t wear ties very much. Sometimes they’re quite casually and some architects wear black because they want to look arty
and all those things. I did a video about that and they like to copy other architects as well because a lot of previous
architects wore blacks, so they copy them.

How do architects use maths?

Mostly maths I use nowadays is when you work out, like I said before, the square metre area of the house. They might ask you for square metres of different materials. Like how many square metres of tiles on the wall on the floor, how many toilets, how many doors in the building? That’s mostly the maths you do
and that kind of stuff is done on the computer anyway. So it’s not much maths, thinking about it. Unless you’re going to get involved
in cost and stuff. You probably won’t unless you in your own practise or something.

How do architects work?

I did a Skillshare on this called “How to Design a Building Using Architect Design Stage”.  So its done in stages, so you gradually do the design stuff
with feasibility study. Then you do concept design, then you do more technical. Add in more detail on the design as it goes and then construction drawings. That goes after a long process, building it up from a simple sketch to the more detail, basically. That’s how architects work.

How do architects use geometry?

You kind of have know shapes and sizes and how they go together, like how curves meet together, how lines and planes. What looks right,
what proportions and things like that. Basically, you just learn how things look good really.

How do architects design buildings?

There’s a lot of theme and conceptual philosophise in the design as well. There’s a lot of stuff like that, theories that make a building and how it is. Why it’s done that way. Why it’s that particular shape. It might come from the culture in the area or might be inspired by the weather or the sun. It might be inspired by the local market. Things like that.

dar es salaam hotel

How do architects make money?

Like I said, you charge or you get salary. To many money questions on Google’s Most Asked Architect Questions.

How do architects get clients?

You can advertise or go through meetings. You can do work for charity to build your reputation, but mostly you get clients through word of mouth. That’s why you don’t see many architects advertise that much. So you mostly get clients
through your previous projects of through word of mouth. Or maybe social media.

What do architects Do?

They design buildings and they coordinate the other consultants within the project on the project. Its difficult to answer such a long winded question but it’s still one of the most asked architect auestions. So if you got like air con designed by the mechanical engineers, you have to coordinate that
so it doesn’t hit the beams and the ceiling heights are the right height and got the right engineer in rooms like plant rooms and everything. So it’s not just designing the building. Coming up with the idea, drawing the building and everything like that. It’s also coordinating all the other consultants on the project. This architect, is traditionally the design leader of all the consultants, so, all the engineers, landscape design, the interior design. Architects, the leader of all those consultants. So you need to coordinate all that work to make sure they’re doing it correct. and it fits into the overall design of the building.

What do architects do on a daily basis?

Okay, I’ll tell you the truth. Now, you sit on your arse, on the computer and draw. That’s what you do basically most of the time.

What do architects wear?

I answered that before? It’s just office wear. So shirts and trousers mostly. No tie, usually.

What do architects design?

They design buildings. But they can design a lot of things related to buildings as well. Like I see Norman Foster’s did like interior plane, but it’s not just like houses, sailing club, office towers, hospitals, vet schools, animals, surgical suites. Could be an airport or I’m working on a ferry terminal. So many different types of buildings that architects do.

What do architects make?

They do make models and stuff, especially in the early years at university. You do painting. Sometimes, to get your creative juices flowing. First idea of the building. You might want to get some paints out and start drawings it if it comes to you. Then you’ll get the feeling of the building. What inspires you and things like that. Or it can make a physical model
out of cardboard. So you can make that kind of stuff, or we can make 3D model on the computer. So you make stuff. Yeah, to visualise your building and
communicate your building to other people.

What do architects study?

It’s just called “Architecture”, the coarse. You can either do B.A. Honours or Bachelors Science. So there’s lots of different modules. All the engineers that you have involved in the project, you kind of do modules for all those things, and you also do other things like you’ll have a module for Interior design, module for Landscape design, you’ll have module for History of architecture.

So you cover the broad base of buildings really in architecture and engineering. So everything related to a building you can study during your architecture degree.

What do architects charge?

They charge money. Too many money questions again on  Most Asked Architect Questions!

What do architects build?

They don’t actually build because you get a builder. The design team, all the engineers and architects, then you get the client is paying the money
to get the thing built. Then you get the builder who’s building the bloody thing. The architects, not building the thing. They’re the main three.

What do architects use to design?

Traditionally it was a drawing board, pen and paper. Still people do sketches, everyone sketches. You can’t really design a building properly without a few sketches to start off with at least. I think most architecture design start off with a sketch. Lot of tracing paper is used. So if you got a drawing  you put tracing paper on top of that
and you sketch on that. Architects have sketchbooks, pencils, pens, crayons. Some of them use paints. You can use all sorts of media.

what do architects use to design


Nowadays, it’s mostly a computer. There’s lots of different softwareyou can use.

And the final one…

What do architects use to draw plans?

People don’t use CAD anymore. That’s old school, that’s just 2D drawings. But now people do it in 3D. That’s called Building Information Modeling (BIM). When you model it in 3D and insert components like doors and windows and walls and it tells you the quantities of everything. And also pulls out all the drawings as well. So that’s what architects use nowadays.


Let me know if you got value from these Google’s Most Asked Architect Questions and if you wanna read more, I’ll put some links down below related to some of these questions.


📐Russell M. Henderson is a practicing RIBA Chartered Architect based in Tanzania, East Africa.

🎥Russell (Architect Russell) also makes videos on YouTube , TikTok  Instagram & Skillshare sharing thoughtful, honest and pragmatic knowledge while working and living abroad.

The photography is by Russell M. Henderson

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