Heaven’s Gate On Tianmen Mountain, Big Gate Road

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Heaven’s Gate On Tianmen Mountain, Big Gate Road

The magical, majestic, Heaven’s Gate on Tianmen Mountain. It’s not just the mountain itself that is an experience. Getting up is one thing but getting down is actually considered to be one of the most dangerous experiences in China on Big Gate Road.

Bottom of Heaven’s Gate On Tianmen Mountain


Cable Car

You can only use the cable car up or down, so you can’t use it both ways. That made me wonder -how the hell do u get down?

This cable car from Zhangiagie City to Tianmen Mountain is the longest in the world and has 98 cars and a total length of 7,455 m . The highest gradient is of the cable 37 degrees.

The word ‘Tianmen’ means Heaven’s Gate. At the top, the main attraction is Tianmen cave, a natural arch in the mountain 131.5 m high.


Heaven's Gate China

So Many things to see You can’t fit in one day

Believe it or not, skydivers have flown through the cave and even fighter jets.

There are surprisingly many other attractions up the mountain not just heavens gate. Even another glass bridge.

Nine is a lucky number in Chinese numerology. There are around 999 steps to get down, considered a stairway to heavens . Or in this case a stairway out of heaven. Two words come to mind- very steep.

Top of Heaven’s Gate On Tianmen Mountain

Tongtian Highway /Big Gate Road

With 99 curves, Tongtian Highway is considered to be one of China’s most dangerous roads. I didn’t actually know this at the time…

Tongtian Highway

Just when you think the Heaven’s Gate On Tianmen Mountain experience was over, the Big Gate Road was the final round of thrilling and a bit scary experience.



Although I was slightly relieved to get back in one piece I would divinely do it again. This place was one of the most magical places I have ever been


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