Jason Boyle for RIBA Council

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This is a guest post by Jason Boyle ARB FRSA FRIBA.

Jason Boyle is a leading architect in the Nuclear Sector of Architecture in the UK. He became the youngest Fellow of the RIBA after being a Chartered Architect for 20 years and has a large influential following on LinkedIn and Clubhouse where he founded Global Architects Alliance. This year Jason will be campaigning to be on the RIBA Council. Polls for RIBA Elections will be open next Friday 9 July 2021.

“As RIBA members, we are highly skilled professionals, yet we are often the lowest paid of the professions. For too long, our profession has been degraded, services we offer have been taken away from us by consultants who are often less qualified and fees reduced accordingly. If architects are not profitable, our profession will die, Ref:   The Broke Architect by Jason Boyle


Jason Boyle RIBA Elections


We must demonstrate to our clients that RIBA isn’t just a membership, it’s a global ‘gold standard’ qualification. If we can do that, we can sell RIBA accreditation through the world and boost membership.

Through my online platforms, I am connected to 30,000 architects and students. Student’s repeatedly say that salaries are too low and architects respond that they are not profitable, so can’t pay higher salaries, Ref: The Broke Architect by Jason Boyle . We therefore need a change in focus. The RIBA must create ways to upskill architects on the business of architecture. 

RIBA Elections Jason Boyle on LinkedIn

Jason Boyle on LinkedIn


I offer proven experience of dealing with complex issues with many stakeholders and delivering results. I know what it means to possess the necessary skills to create buildings successfully on time and budget in an increasingly regulated environment. The ability to make the right decisions under extraordinary pressure. This is the case for most of our profession and it is not getting any easier.


Global Architect Alliance. Club founded by Jason Boyle on Clubhouse RIBA Elections Jason Boyle on LinkedIn

Global Architect Alliance. Club founded by Jason Boyle on Clubhouse


I am committed to improving the lives of my fellow architects through an enhanced, quality membership with the essential business skills. I will deliver a fresh approach to knowledge and decision making through wider engagement using the RIBA’s membership and large personal network. My proven ability is to bring people together and take people with me, but to also give them a voice.


Jason Boyle for RIBA Council


The membership needs help with training, communication and upskilling and the RIBA need to help members with skyrocketing Professional Indemnity Insurance following Grenfell.

I will work with other champions within and outside the RIBA to press this issue, agree an action plan and deliver results.”

Jason Boyle was nominated  and  supported by (only 7 were shown on the RIBA Website): Lisa McFarlane CHE RIBA SCA IHBC, Ian Simpson RIBA, Fiona Hunt RIBA, Harbinder Singh Birdi FRIBA FICE, Russell Henderson RIBA, Anna Lira V Luis FRIBA, FRSA, R.A., NCARB, CEM, LEED AP. Ming Chen RIBA, MRTPI, Paul Iddon RIBA, Morley Von Sternberg FRIBA, Thomas Foggin RIBA, Kevin Horton RIBA.



This is a guest post by Jason Boyle ARB FRSA FRIBA.

A poll for the RIBA Elections of TWO RIBA Councilors will be held between 0900 on Friday 9th July 2021 and 1700 on Friday 30th July 2021. The poll will be conducted using the single transferable voting system online here  where you can also find candidates election statements


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