Maasai Indigenous Tribe and their Architecture

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Maasai Indigenous Tribe and their Architecture

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Maasai Indigenous Tribe and their African Architecture

Maasai Indigenous Tribe and their Architecture at Ngorongoro Crater is a wonderful place to visit. So whats it like. Here’s what you should know

How the Maasai let you in their village?

When you visit the Maasai Indigenous Tribe at Ngorongoro Crater the first thing you need to know is that you have to pay  to see how they live.  Fifty dollars was the price, but we persuaded him with fifty thousand shillings, which is about 21 dollars.

maasai tribe

Why do they live inside the Crater?

One of the reasons why Maasai allowed to live inside the crater, is because they are not hunters and they enjoy small agriculture and livestock. So the Maasai tribe are the only ones allowed to live inside the crater. Anyone else who wants to stay inside here, has to pay.

maasai women


Maasai Culture

The clothes for the messiah tribe men at Ngorongoro Crater are famous for their red blankets that are wrapped around their body. They carry spears as a sign of protection and their high jumping dance is called the ‘Adamu’ which is performed in circles with the leaders in the middle. And the women wear these large necklaces. One thing I’ve always liked about Maasai is the beautiful colours they wear.  The Maasai Tribe have lived in Ngorongoro Crater for a a hundred years and are one of the few cultures that have never changed their culture for more than a thousand years and they live a simple life as you can tell and live off the land


Maasai women used to have a traditional ritual which was genital mutilation, including removal of the clitoris. The Maasai women do not get married out of love. The father chooses the husband when they’re still young girls.  A woman who has been mutilated has more chances of being chosen because they are less likely to have an affair. Thankfully, this practice is now against the law. But I wonder how they enforce this.

maasai tribe womean

The Village

The village is completely fenced by thorns and sticks to protect families from animals. Customary practices include bead work and fire. They are welcoming to show their life experience and untouched culture. Retrospectively, all the Maasai Tripe who i have encountered, have always been friendly, even in Dar Es Salaam, where I live and they’re well known for showing good hospitality to travelers. I respect their minimalist life. They’re going to show us their house now, which I’m looking forward to seeing

maasai making fire

Maasai  African Architecture

The Maasai huts take 7 days to build and are made from cow dung, grass and wooden sticks an tree trunks the dung keeps the house cool in the hot climate. This is wood from the tree and then this is bamboo here.

The houses are made by the women which explains why they are slightly low. A lot of the men have slouched backs because of the houses are slightly too short for them.

And that’s the Maasai traditional house for you.

maasia house architecture

maasai interveiw inside his house

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