Make Pork Scratchings / Chicharrón Dar Es Salaam

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Make Pork Scratchings / Chicharrón with skin | Dar Es Salaam

Today’s vlog, Russell is in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania and Ron teaches us how to make Chicharron. Similar to Pork Scratchings apart from you use the skin.

I have many Filipino freinds who make Chicharrón which is similar to Pork Scratchings in the UK. This video my friends shows how to make the stuff! Mostly the preparation is the key and what takes the most time. Surprisingly actually cooking it at the end is very quick indeed.


Here is the basic procedrue of making Chicharrón

1. Buy pork skin from Chinese
2. Remove the fat
3. Cut into small squares
4. Cook on low heat oven for 3 hours (keep oil)
5. Deep fry in the pork oil.

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