Mwakinyo Fights Tinampay Dar Es Salaam Tanzania

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Mwakinyo Fights Tinampay At Uhuru Stadium, Dar Es Salaam for the boxing event 29th December 2019 between Hassan Mwakinyo from Tanzania vs Arnel Tinampay from the Philippines. Mwakinyo vs Tinampay.

Being my girlfriend being filipino and myself residing in Tanzania. The atmosphere was terrific and to say I was so excited about this event was an understatment.

The fight took place at Uhuru stadium which is a very special and significant place. It’s the place where Tanzania gained their independence in 1961 and has always been celebrated here every year. Then event was

very well organized and very friendly. I was lucky enough to get a ringside seat to watch the entire event. Only a handful of Filipinos were present but the crowd were very relaxed.

Tinampay thinking he won

Winner announced, Mwakinyo

Tinampay stepping into the ring






Although Mwakinyo officially won the fight. Tinampay clearly won. There was evidence with the crowd walking away in disappointment disgust at the end of the fight.

Although it was a fantastic night, Tanzania should be embarrassed at how the boxing event was judged. Mwakinyo knocked down and wasn’t counted. Apparently, he tripped which was clearly not the case.  Also, gloves were wrong sizes and both had to adjust them during the fight. Bells were rung too early also. The overall score was pushover, you could even feel this in the atmosphere. As a result, the crowd already started drifting home when the winner announced. Tinampay having had twice the experience, knew he won. You could tell by the look in his face – he was laughing at the whole ordeal when they announced Mwakinyo the winner. Mwakinyo looked shocked to be the winner.

To summarize, it was a fantastic night that ended Tanzanian style. Not surprising. A  fight in Tanzania, between a Tanzanian Mwakinyo vs Filipino Tinampay.


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