Novel Coronavirus Prevention when Traveling

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10 Tips to prevent getting a virus when traveling.

Novel Coronavirus Prevention when Traveling in airports and planes is important. Featuring Kenya Airways, Dar Es Salaam Airport and Lusaka Zambia in Africa. Keep healthy.

The mysterious Corona Virus is a reminder that the world isnt quite ready for a pandemic. Bill Gates onces said:

“We should prepare for an outbreak, as we do for war”, Bill Gates

So for that reason. And since I’m about to get on a plane
I thought I’d share with you:

10 ways to keep health from a virus when traveling. And hopefully it will stop you from getting any kind of virus.

1. Stay away from people

Especially people with illnesses. Like this, theres nobody around me close by.

2. Wash your hands
Time and time again, doctors always advise to wash your hands regularly. For 20 seconds at least. And scrub them. With soap. Its better than sanitiser that’s for sure. Hands are frequently transporting germs. So how often? Simply, as often as you can. Everywhere. But be careful on a plane, because the toilets might have a lot of germs in there. And wash them as soon as you get to your destination or hotel. So hand sanitizer is OK but still not as good a soup and water. Still nowhere near as good. Hand sanitiser you dont really scrub your hands. With soup and water you are physically scrubbing the bacteria off. So nothing will beat soup and water. Handy to carry around. Be careful with some of these hand sanitiser at the airports. Some of them dont work. You might pick up some bacteria rather than lose it.

3. Coughing & Sneezing

Cover your mouth and nose with a flexed albow. Or use a tissue, dont use your hands. If you do it into a tissue then throw it out immediately. Then wash your hands.

4. Dont touch your face

There might be bacteria on your fingers.

5. Buy a Mask

So I just been to the hardware store.  They said a Chinaman came in and bought all the masks the other day. So they didn’t have any heavy duty ones. So all I got was the surgical masks. These ones here.

So there’s 2 types of masks you can get. You can get the surgery ones. Which are these ones. They the heavy duty ones. I was lucky enough to get these from site. Because I’m an architect, these are construction onesThese ones are much better.These ones are quite loose on your face.and they let more air and water in.As you can see. They are really loose.That’s the surgery ones.And then..The more heavy duty ones. They fit on your face much better than the surgical ones.

One of the best masks to get isthe N95 Particle Respiratory MaskBy a company called 3M.Which has a flow valve that helps keep breathing cool and comfortable.The more heavy duty ones have the metal on the top.If they dont break.These ones seem to fit on better and they don’t fall off.So if you are gonna get a mask get one of these ones.The pillows and blankets on an airline have been sitting in airspace for a long time.They are not a vehicle for infectionBut its impossible to know for sure.I almost forgot.Another good tip.Is to bring your own blanket and pillow for the plane.0
Im gonna take the ones in the hotel.Which is a good idea.You can get the winter ones.or the rubber ones.

6. Wear Gloves

There is no doubt that public transits have tons of germs.Because your touching surfaces that everyone else is touching.So gloves will not only help minimize the risk of getting a virus.It will also minimize the risk of getting other bugs likeLike, the flu, which is also a deadly bug.You’ll be surprised how useful gloves so many areas where people put their hands and fingers.prone to bacteria.So this is an obvious one.If you don’t want to get a virus…

7. Dont get on a plane

So, dont get on a plane.And don’t get on a bus either.Because they are prone to bacteria.Obviously, a plane is the last place you want to get on, if you want to avoid a virus.Good morning.

8. Choose a window seat

To lower your likelihood of come into contact with an infectious person, or disease.

Choose a window seat and stay put.

9. Clean Back Seat

So the back pocket and back table carries germs from previous passengers.So wipe that shit down.And don’t forget to bring some antibacterial wipes in your hand luggage.

10. See a Doctor if you feel ill.

If you feel any illness, when you get backWith a feaver, cough and difficultly breathing.Seek medical care early.And call ahead and tell them your previous travel history.So I hope you found a few of these tips useful

And don’t forget to stay healthy when traveling.






Russell is a Chartered RIBA Architect from the UK living and working in Tanzania.

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