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WELL Tips for Office Design

In today's dynamic architectural landscape, the pursuit of sustainable and health-conscious design has become paramount. Enter the WELL Building Standard, a revolutionary framework that places human well-being at the heart of architectural endeavors. Tailored for architects and designers alike, the WELL Standard encompasses vital aspects...

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Doctor Vs Architect

This blog features a chat between a professional Tanzanian Doctor based in Tanzania and a British Chartered Architect based in Tanzania. Both discussed the differences between a Doctor or Architect or Doctor Vs Architect.   Below are the ten questions given to them both to answer. 1. What...

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What is a Professional?

What is a professional? Each country usually has a professional registration board or license for professionals. Like doctors and lawyers, architects are professionals that go through lengthy and rigorous education, training, experience and interviews to qualify and register.     Professional requirements and quality can vary from country...

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types of paint finish

Paint Types Used in Architecture

These are the five different paint types used in Architecture and interior design, with their advantages / disadvantages. Finally broken down simply. Stick around to the summery at the end which explains it in simplistic terms - its not rocket science.  Its all about  reflectiveness,...

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Sustainability & LEED

This articles is about sustainability and green buildings and LEED, which is a rating system used to rate green buildings.   Russell gives an overview of sustainability and LEED (Leadership in Energy Environmental Design) rating system including:   1. What is sustainability? 2. Why get a building sustainability rated or...

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Ponte City's Inner Core

Ponte City – The Urban Slum

This building got taken hijacked by gangsters who stripped the entered building including the elevators. They charged people to stay here and drug dealing and prostitution thrived behind its grey walls. Of course there was no maintenance for the building so people threw their trash...

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