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types of paint finish

Paint Types Used in Architecture

These are the five different paint types used in Architecture and interior design, with their advantages / disadvantages. Finally broken down simply. Stick around to the summery at the end which explains it in simplistic terms - its not rocket science.  Its all about  reflectiveness,...

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Sustainability & LEED

This articles is about sustainability and green buildings and LEED, which is a rating system used to rate green buildings.   Russell gives an overview of sustainability and LEED (Leadership in Energy Environmental Design) rating system including:   1. What is sustainability? 2. Why get a building sustainability rated or...

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The Luminary, Dar Es Salaam

OVERVIEW DESIGN CRITERIA The Luminary brief  was to design a high quality, functional workplace that reflect inspiration and innovation from the driven local environment.  A work life less ordinary to Dar Es Salaam. The building had to attract international clients, so a high standard of quality is expected....

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Ponte City's Inner Core

Ponte City – The Urban Slum

This building got taken hijacked by gangsters who stripped the entered building including the elevators. They charged people to stay here and drug dealing and prostitution thrived behind its grey walls. Of course there was no maintenance for the building so people threw their trash...

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The Broke Architect

Russell M. Henderson (Architect Russell) and Jason Boyle This is the eighth recorded episode of The Broke Architect Podcast brought to you by the Global Architect Alliance (GAA)  In this episode RIBA Nuclear Architect, Jason Boyle talk to Russell M. Henderson  also known as Architect Russell,...

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Sketch of a conceptual design of a building with site analysis

How to Design Buildings?

Designing a building can very complicated and long process. But it does not have to be. This article will teach you a process you can go thru to make designing a building more structured and simple, not just for the designers but for everyone working...

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Very Large Architect Practice

Architect Work Experience in UK

Getting the right  architect work experience to become a registered architect can be difficult and there are a lot of challenges on the way. In this article you will learn from Russell's experience as he talks about working as an architect in the UK, leading...

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Sydney. Architect Experience in Australia

Architect Experience in Australia

This article is going to be about working as an architect experience in Australia. I'm going to talk about subjects like First impressions Arriving in Australia Finding a job in Australia, Work life and salary Visas Getting registered as an architect. Lessons learnt and advice Podcast: Video: First...

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