Professionals on TikTok – Get on and smash it now!

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Professionals on TikTok – Get on and smash it now!

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The world is changing. People have shorter attention spans. People want information quick. Short form video content (under 30 seconds) gets more attention than any other type of content on social media. Professionals on TikTok are starting getting popular and it could be the future.

Are you underestimating TikTok? Have you ever thought of getting on TikTok? Are you tired of Instagram and Facebook snail growth.   Professionals on TikTok can help grow your business or personal brand. If you want to get your message out and reach as many people as you can, TikTok right now is still the place to be. But why?

Here are 10 reasons why professionals and companies should still be on TikTok right now in 2021:


10. Any Niche, Any Professionals on TikTok

Yes TikTok started getting famous because of dancing, but if you do not want to see dancing, then TikTok will now show it to you. What is so successful about TikTok is the algorithm. It gradually understands what you like by looking at what you have watched and interacted with. If you searched for plumbing and then watched a few plumbing videos, then the algorithm will recognize that and feed you more relevant content similar to that. You can find many professional on the platform. I have connected with doctors, lawyers, engineers and professional athletes to name just a few. If you are wondering what kind of content you could create for yourself or your business, you only have to search for something similar by other professionals on TikTok to get ideas. A baker can show baking bread, a a chiropractor can show necks being clicked.  The ideas are endless.

If you are lucky to work for you own company then the possibilities are endless. Companies do encourage social media for promotion. Sam Fares (@thepatentattorney), who is a Lawyer, says people at his work have been surprisingly supportive. TikTok can be a good marketing tool and even large companies are starting to add a social media policies to ensure boundaries are not crossed.

9. It’s Not Just For Kids

According to Comscore statistics, US TikTok users by age is: 33% children and 67% adults. This statistic was taken at the end of 2020, so it is fairly old now so the platform has matured even more now.

Even, Gordan Ramsey (@gordonramsayofficial) is on TikTok now and most of the big YouTubers like Mr. Beast (@mrbeast) are there already. Instagram Reels is still far behind TikTok – the videos on Reels are like what was being shown on TikTok two years ago, with mostly music only. You can copy the platform but you can not copy the audience. I get many comments and messages by adults everyday on the platform and on the street. Some of these are passed on from their siblings too. Bare in mind, if you influence the younger generation, this also rubs off on the parents. So TikTok could even be a good investment strategy if you do target Generation Z. But at last 67% of TikTok users are adults.

8. TikTok Helps Growth on other platforms like IG and Youtube

TikTok provides links on your profile for both Instagram and Youtube. There is also a option to add link to your website or you can even put LinkedIn there if you like. These links are more than other platforms have to offer. Instagram only allows you to insert one link on your platform, so does Twitter, and Clubhouse that only as two. These links gives a good opportunity to spread your followers elsewhere. Social Media Strategist, Caleb Chin (@socialfeed) thinks that one of the quickest way to grow a following on Instagram in 2021 is to build a TikTok following. I would have to agree.

“The quickest way to grow on Instagram is to build a following on TikTok.”

Successful TikTok accounts can also build a large number of subscribers on Youtube without even published a single video on YouTube. Take writer and storyteller, Greg Hinthorn (@hinthorn) for example. He reached out to his TikTok Audience and told them he will published his first Youtube video when he reached 4000 subscribers on there. Now he has reached 4000 subscribers on Youtube from TikTok. He is now publishing videos on both platforms.

7. Most Downloaded App on the App Store

According to Appfigures data, TikTok is the most downloaded app. 90% of all TikTok users access the app on a daily basis.

Furthermore, according to App Annie, TikTok’s screen time at the beginning of 2021 overtook Facebook for the first time. The average screen time for an average TikTok user is over 20 hours per month.

6. Engagement Can Attract Leads

Client opportunities, contacts, influence and leads – the engagement in the comments section on TikTok is insane. I have never seen anything like it. There is also a messaging service on TikTok. This can be turned in settings, so anyone can send you a message. You can also directly reply to a question via a video which which is shared on your feed, which can helps engagement.

American Architect Tom Reynolds AIA (@tiktokarchitect) has been active on the platform for a year now confirms.

“I’m actually getting more work coming from TikTok now, than anywhere else.”

5. TikTok is Authentic

TikTok is transparent and authentic. There is not many commercials or people trying to sell. You do not get many professionals on TikTok selling their eBook or spending the first 5 mins asking you to subscribe because those type of videos do not do well. TikTok is blunt, straight to the point and these are the videos that do well on TikTok. People are trying to give something quickly. If you give value that means something, then an audience will come. Vulnerability is also a key factor that people like. The perfect filtered and edited photograph on Instagram is not authentic, neither is a highly produced YouTube video. People can relate to TikTok because its real – the videos that tend to do well are not the over productive type. It is like what Youtube was 20 years ago. Transparency, vulnerability and authenticity goes a long way on social media in 2021 and TikTok fits.

TikTok selfie

4. Learn on TikTok

TikTok has heavily invested $50 million into a creative learning fund on short form educational content, which could be the future for social media and online education. If you start learning how to give information or teach with videos now, this could bring many opportunities for your business or personal brand in the near future. It is not about selling something – its about giving value.

“We’ve partnered with over 800 public figures, media publishers, educational institutions, and real-world professional … to offer us creative learning.” -TikTok

3. It’s Quick and Easy

If you are a business and employing a videographer to do you videos – be careful. A lot of media companies do not have much experience with short form video, or TikTok. It is a fairly new thing. They are likely used to high quality produced videos. Have they published hundreds of short videos? Have they built an audience before? These are the questions you should be asking them. Quantity is more important for short form video content. The TikTok app has just about everything in it to create videos quickly, even green screen. You do not have to spend one to two hours in a room like Club House or spend a week editing a long form video. Many creators are starting to up the game with mirrorless cameras instead of their phone, for higher quality, but this has not oversaturated the platform yet.

2. 100% CreativityArchitect on TikTok drawings a door swing

This makes it fantastic if you are in the creative industry. Creating videos displays your creativity. YouTube and TikTok are the top creative media platforms.

On one hand, you have you Instagram and LinkedIn where there is a lot of people sharing other people’s content? For example, some of the top architecture accounts on Instagram are accounts reposting other peoples content. It’s the same with LinkedIn. People even download other peoples videos on other platforms and repost them on LinkedIn. The creativity in these kinds of uploads is low.

On the other hand, uploads on TikTok are have very high on creativity. One of my favorite and simple videos was made by Architect, Dory Azar (@dory.azar.architect) who actually drew a door swing, under a door to explain how door swings are drawn. When talking to Dory on Clubhouse, he explained that people like simple explanations – they seem to work best.

1. More Organic Reach Than Any Other Platform

If you start a new account on today with no followers, post something, that post has potential to reach more people than any other platform. There is only LinkedIn right now that comes close. It shocks me when I still see new businesses still slugging away at Instagram and Facebook in 2021. These platforms tend to be more powerful for people who have already built an audience, have account authority or want to pay via promotion. This is partly the reason why TikTok is so popular. Everyone has a chance for videos to do well and reach an audience. A lot of people on TikTok are not even interested in Instagram and Facebook any more. These are old platforms now that have already matured. Many people moved away from Facebook when they realized their parents were on it.

If you want to build a brand, you should obviously start by going to the platforms with the most reach. Even if you are still convinced the audience is too young on TikTok, it could still be marketing investment for you in the short to long term.

It might be time to stop shaking your head. Its a no brainer, short form video content and Professionals on TikTok is here to stay.

Russell M. Henderson (@ArchitectRussell) is a RIBA Chartered Architect working in Tanzania, East Africa. Russell also ‘edu-tains’ his passion for Architecture Travel & Film with video content on YouTube , TikTok & Instagram.


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