Full Services.

0 - Project Appraisal

  • Identify clients Business Case
  • Identify Strategic Brief & requirements

1 - Design Brief & Feasibility Sketch Design Preparation

  • Site visits & initial appraisal.
  • Advise on need for services by consultants/specialists.
  • Review of site analysis.
  • Undertake feasibility studies.
  • Sketch Design.

2 - Concept Design

  • Prepare drawings and information for construction cost approximate estimate.
  • Prepare preliminary plans/sketches for discussions with Client for approval.
  • Develop a finalised design for review with the client.
  • Presentation material.
design development

3 - Design Development

  • Provide information for updating estimate of Construction Cost as required
  • Reviewing design information provided by contractors or specialists to establish whether that information can be coordinated and integrated with other project information
  • Giving general advice on operation and maintenance of building.
  • Develop architectural design for preparation for Building Regulation submission
  • Finalized plant room and riser configurations and locations coordinated with MEP designer
  • Architecture General Arrangement (GA) drawings to be ‘locked in’ after this stage. If it does, reasons are clear and that timing of resolution and residual issues are clear to all parties.
  • Typical architects details showing building envelope and shows grid lines columns, slab positions.
  • Develop Architectural General Arrangement drawings in sufficient detail to enable each designer/ consultant to commence with production of construction information.
Microsoft Word - 12-07-11 Letter from FL Plan of Work July 2012

4 - Technical Design (Construction Drawings)

  • Develop the approved Design Concept to show spatial arrangements, type of construction, materials and updated outline specifications in sufficient detail to co-ordinate the structural and building services design of the project.
  • Coordinated and updated proposals for structural & building services systems
  • Investigating effect of statutory standards and construction safety of Concept Design
  • Drawings to provide information for estimate of Construction Cost
  • More detailed room configurations, including escape provisions and maintenance access
  • Develop risers, locations, dimensions, access requirement.
  • How structural bracing will be incorporated into the design
  • Louvre requirements and any other MEP items that have impact on external envelope.
Microsoft Word - 12-07-11 Letter from FL Plan of Work July 2012

5 - Construction

  • Review all consultants drawings including MEP and Structures before they are issued for construction.
  • Making visits to construction works as designer
  • Responding to site queries as reasonable required for construction
  • Design queries & information as requested from site as they arise.
  • Reviewing compliance with statuatory requirements
  • Record As Build drawings.

6 - Handover & Close Out

  • Advising on resolution defects

Other Services (not exhausted to)

  • Interior Design
  • Reception Desk Design
  • 3D imaging
  • 3D walkthru / flythru
  • BIM (Building Information Modeling) Coordination
  • Signage Design
  • Furniture, FIxings & Equipment Schedule
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