Sugba Lagoon & Santa Monica | Philippines Vlog

Sugba Lagoon & Santa Monica | Philippines Vlog

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Sugba Lagoon & Santa Monica | Philippines Vlog

On Siargao Island we check out Sugba Lagoon Del Carmen like the locals and go when its really busy. Advice is to go very early if you visit Sugba Lagoon.  I feel the amount of people going there does not make the experience as good as it would have been if we got there earlier. After exploring we eat Filipino cuisine with bags on  hands and fly a drone.

After that we stop at Santa Monica, its raining so we hang out in a local store eating wonderful raw fish straight from the sea.

There is some wonderful drone footage in this video around the lagoon which will give you and idea of how many people are around in the afternoon. A lot of drone footage has been over colour graded and makes a lot of places in Philippines look different color than they actually are.

Overall Sugba lagoon is a longer than expected trip.

I actually preferred Santa Monica for a more local experience!

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