The Bone Museum Davao Downtown

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The Bone Museum Davao Downtown

The Bone Museum was found by walking around downtown looking at various attractions such as City Hall, St. Pedro Cathedral and Monument of Piece and Unity in Davao City. The museum was a fantastic experience with lots of taxidermy and bones from animals all over the world from wild animal Africa to sea creatures in Mindanao. 

With over 700 specimens, the museum has one of the largest collections of bones, skulls, and skeletons in the country

“I have bones and skeletons of animals not only from the tropical rainforests, but also coming from the seas and oceans,” said American Darrell Dean Blatchley, who is the president and curator of the D’Bone Collector Museum. His fascination with bones started when he was a teenager and just grew and grew from there on.

The Bone Museum in 2012 and now occupies the three-story building which houses over 700 specimens.

The Museum is a great way for all the family to be educated on many animals and the staff there are very informative and helpful. Although it maybe tricky to find the location of the museum it is certainly worth a visit if you are in the area.


This video is part of a Philippines series of videos in and around Mindanao and Siargao.


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