Trigg Beach, Perth, Australia, Sophisticated Retro Bungalow

Trigg Beach, Perth, Australia, Sophisticated Retro Bungalow

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Sophisticated 1970’s at Trigg Beach, Perth, Australia

Congratulation to Mr. D Horrocks on the completion of 1 Peet Crescent, near Trigg Beach, Perth, Australia

This spacious 527 sqm  block, in a quiet cul-de-sac, was a rundown, overgrown, partly collapsing, nicotine-stained 70’s bungalow. Now, with a lot of love and hard work, this site has been transformed into a sophisticated modern and trendy 2 bed /2 Bath rm that nestles in the hip surf culture of Scarborough and Trigg beach in Perth, Western Australia.

Interior 1 Peet Crescent Trigg Beach Perth

Retro and Earthy

With a breathtaking modern open plan feel, design features include, double glazing, WiFi Controlled Services, designer Italian mosaic and retro earthy colour scheme.

Mr. Horrocks managed to completely transform the rundown house while still maintaining that 1970s feel. The interior experience is trendy, yet sophisticated.

Living Rm,1 Peet Crescent, Trigg, Perth

“The Shire were corrupt, cost me loads of money.”

Being mostly a refurbishment, Mr. Horrock did not think he needed to pay any consultants to produce planning drawings for him. He explained,

Kitchen,1 Peet Crescent, Trigg, Perth

1 Peet Crescent bedrm

“The Shire made me get a local architect and building surveyor out to approve it.  I had a Chartered Architect from the UK produce the original drawings, ‘pro bono’ so the local architect used that and just wrote on them… neither really did anything.”

Perth, Australia can be notorious for obsessive property culture, yet the strict planning laws can be mind bending.  After COVID-19 hit the UK, Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the UK announced a recent cut down in Planning laws in the UK to make building progress and approval swifter.  Boris Johnson defends ‘long overdue’ planning overhaul in England

Mr. Horrocks says, 1 Peet Crescent in Trigg will be for sale by the end of the year.

1st LEED v4 Gold Certified Green Building in Africa

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