What is BIM? (Quick, simply explained)

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What Is BIM In Architecture?(Quick, simply explained)

Architects don’t really use CAD any more in architecture, unless you are a Dinosaur. So what is BIM?

Instead they use Building Information Modelling (BIM).  So what is BIM? Well its (kind of) a type of software used to model a design digitally in 3D. Most people say it is a ‘process’ which is the correct term really.

Revit (Meaning ‘Revision it!’)

The most common BIM software in the world now is Revit by Autodesk. There used to be  Revit Architecture,  Revit Structure and  Revit MEP, but now its just Revit all in one. Building Information Modeling is a process creating real objects or components like doors, windows, walls etc these all can all be customized how you want. Each component stores information within it so if you click on a door or wall it will show the material, height, width,etc.


BIM is incredibly powerful because you can pull out vast amount of data about your design like qualities, areas, schedules you name it. You can even work out how much Volume of concrete or even how many bricks or doors.


BIM also excels when it comes to accuracy and coordination with other disciplines for example mechanical engineers can model their AC ducts and you can see how much specs is required in ceiling voids. And of course the most important thing ..which people sometimes forget is that drawings are produced in BIM too -so plans and sections elevations etc .


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