Road Trip to Siargao | Philippines Vlog

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Siargao Road Trip | Philippines Vlog

We have a road trip to Siargao Island from Davao, we stop to eat traditional Filipino rice cakes. After more driving, we pause to admire beautiful Lake Mainit, north Mindanao and I fly a drone. Before getting a boat across to Siargao Island, we spend a night at Surigao City, where I’m a typical foreigner on YouTube trying Jollibee for the first time, with an honest, no thrills reaction. McDonald’s was sold out. I also give a candid look at where I slept Christmas Day with some dry humor calling it ‘top 5 star accommodation’. The house was still under construction. Please note: I am very appreciated for the lovely accommodating family who.

There is also some wonderful drone footage of Lake Mainit in this video for you to check out. This was one of the highlights of the road trip. I wonder if you can stay near the lake for the night.


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Hi, I’m Russell, an Architect from England and I love travel & architecture. I work full time but travel as often as I can. I started this channel to share my experiences through vlogs, connect with people and give advice on travel and architect stuff. I got more excited about making video when I got a bit bored taking still photographs and discovered Casey Neistat.


Russell is a Chartered RIBA Architect from the UK living and working in Tanzania.
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