Road Trip to Siargao | Philippines Vlog

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Siargao Road Trip | Philippines Vlog

We have a road trip to Siargao Island from Davao, we stop to eat traditional Filipino rice cakes. After more driving, we pause to admire beautiful Lake Mainit, north Mindanao and I fly a drone. Before getting a boat across to Siargao Island, we spend a night at Surigao City, where I’m a typical foreigner on YouTube trying Jollibee for the first time, with an honest, no thrills reaction. McDonald’s was sold out. I also give a candid look at where I slept Christmas Day with some dry humor calling it ‘top 5 star accommodation’. The house was still under construction. Please note: I am very appreciated for the lovely accommodating family !

There is also some wonderful drone footage of Lake Mainit in this video for you to check out. This was one of the highlights of the road trip. I wonder if you can stay near the lake for the night.

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Hi, I’m Russell, an Architect from England and I love travel & architecture. I work full time but travel as often as I can. I started this channel to share my experiences through vlogs, connect with people and give advice on travel and architect stuff. I got more excited about making video when I got a bit bored taking still photographs and discovered Casey Neistat.


Russell is a Chartered RIBA Architect from the UK living and working in Tanzania.
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